The Freight Farm has made its debut appearance here in Detroit, Michigan!
LaGrasso Bros. Produce Inc. is proud to be the first location in Detroit, Michigan to utilize Freight Farm technology to supply the city with locally grown produce, year-round.
With the Leafy Green Machine, we will be producing a variety of fresh greens for local restaurants and the community, regardless of the season. We’ve decided to grow our own produce in an effort to satisfy the demand for local produce and provide our customers with a clear story of where their produce came from, and how it was grown.
We are excited to be at the intersection of the local food movement and technology as we continue to keep an eye out for new ways to deliver the best, most modern and most desirable food products to our clients.
LaGrattuga is our house specialty blend of premium lettuces. LaGrattuga has a variety of colors, flavor and textures for optimal taste and visual appearance.
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